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Digital Experience Lab (DEX Lab)

The Digital Experience (DEX) Lab is an interdisciplinary lab between the two colleges, Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering and College of Fine Arts at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). The DEX Lab deals with topics in human-computer interactions, interactive media sciences, and entertainment technology. The lab is the first of its kind at UNLV and the State of Nevada established in Fall 2014 by the Director SJ Kim when he moved from the University of Central Florida.

The DEX Lab aims to towards theoretical/practical frameworks in interactive media science

  • Discover human psychological behaviors through analytical and empirical research
  • Provide novel digital experience through the design of tangible and intangible media
  • Selected Project Portfolio

The DEX Lab currently focuses in three thematic areas:

  • Immersive and augmented experience
  • Human and nonhuman interactive experience

To Undergraduate and Graduate Students:

Student research assistant positions are available in the following areas.

– Physical and Mechatronics Computing
– Drone Programming
– Mobile App Development
– Augmented and Virtual Reality