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Conference Organization
4th International AR & VR Conference 2018 Track Chair, June 21-22, 2018, Manchester, UK
ICCE 2018 Track Chair (Digital Experience 2018), Jan. 12, 2018, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
ICCE 2017 Track Chair (Digital Experience 2017), Jan. 9-10, 2017, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
ITNG2016 Track Chair (Entertainment, Augmented Virtual Reality, and Education), April 11 – 13, 2016, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
CHI 2015 Doctoral Consortium Co-Chair, Apr. 17-23, 2015, Seoul, South Korea
URAI 2014 (The International Conference on Ubiquitous Robots and Ambient Intelligence) Publicity Chair, Nov. 13-15, 2014, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
IEEE ISMAR (International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality) 2014 Doctoral Consortium Co-chair, Sep. 10-12, Munich, Germany
IEEE ROMAN 2014 (International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication) Program Committee, Aug. 25-29, 2014, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
CHI2014 Workshop on Assistive Augmentation in Conjunction Program Committee, Apr. 27, Toronto, Canada
IEEE ISMAR (International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality) 2013 Doctoral Consortium Co-chair, Oct. 1-4, Adelaide, SA, Australia
IEEE VR 2013 Doctoral Consortium Co-chair, March 16-17, Orlando, FL
IEEE ISMAR (International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality) 2012 Doctoral Consortium Co-chair, November 5-8, Atlanta, GA
ISUVR (International Symposium on Ubiquitous Virtual Reality) 2013 Advisory Committee Chair, July 10-13, Daejeon, South Korea.
ISUVR 2012 Advisory Committee, August 22-25, 2012, Daejeon, South Korea.
HCI International 2011 Session Chair, User Experience in the Physical and Human Environment, Orlando, FL

Journal Manuscript Review
IEEE Systems, Man and Cybernetics (SMC) Part C: Applications and Reviews
Proceedings of the IEEE
Journal of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing (Springer)
ETRI Journal
Interacting with Computers
Journal of Internet Technology
International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems
Journal of AMIS

Conference Manuscript Review
ACM CHI (Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems) 2009 – present, IEEE Virtual Reality 2007 – present, Human Computer Interaction International (HCII) 2009 – present; ACM Pervasive Health 2011, HFES (Human Factors Engineering Society) 2008 – present; International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces 2010, DSI (Decision Science Institute) 2008 –present; Mobile HCI 2011; Usability Professional Association (UPA) 2008 – present, ISUVR (International Symposium on Ubiquitous Virtual Reality) 2010- present; Virginia Tech Research Symposium 2009